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Great Yorkshire Show

Great Yorkshire Show

Way back in March, the phone rang one day. Nothing unusual there you might think, however, the conversation was simple; would we be interested in supplying the Great Yorkshire Show with public address systems? Indeed we would!
The Yorkshire Show is, in our opinion, the foremost agricultural show on the calendar, and being just down the road from HQ, meant we were in a very good position to supply our services.

What followed was a complete overhaul of the existing wiring around the rings and grandstands; rewiring of most of them, and the removal of redundant speakers, some of which were 20+ years old. The installation of new cabling for a three position horse call up system was also implemented, to allow classes to be called up from the Main Ring, White Rose Ring, and Ridings Ring. All this was completed before the show set-up started properly in late June.

Part of the remit was to supply timing equipment and clocks for the Main Ring show jumping, with a link to the large video screen, and also timing and clocks for the Pole Climbing, and Sheep Shearing. This has meant considerable investment in new timing equipment, and modifying existing timers to suit various needs. We are pleased to announce all worked very well indeed.

Six commentary box units were utilised for various rings and systems, along with countless amps, microphones, and speakers.

With so much equipment on one job, did this mean we had to turn other customers away? Not a bit of it. We managed to accommodate our existing workload, AND two new jobs to boot!

July has been a very busy month, but there are a good two months worth of events to get through before a well deserved holiday in October. Much praise and thanks go to Sean, Ross, Joanne, and Taff, for assisting with support for the UK’s top agricultural show.